EFFECI 7724 E2



Basic overlock machine available 2 needles 4 thread or 2 needles 5 thread 3×4 or 5×5 with direct drive motor, integrated LED light with adjustable intensity, needle bar with integrated oil system to avoid leaks and keep the garment always clean. Available with Effeci table and stand with matching aesthetics.


  • Direct drive motor
  • Simple panel
  • High speed 7000rpm
  • Adjustable LED light
  • Needle position
  • Rapid acceleration and deceleration
  • Slow start
  • Integrated oil system
  • Matching table and support


Direct Drive Motor

The high performance motor allows you to reach up to 7000 rpm with a super rapid acceleration and deceleration response. It also has all the advantages of an integrated servo motor: low energy consumption, reduced vibrations and maximum silence.

Simple Panel

The machine has a very simple but complete panel: speed up to 7000rpm, LED light, needle position and slow start with a click!

Integrated oil system

Don’t worry about the oil. Thanks to the needle bar with integrated oil system there will be no leaks and the seams and garments will always be clean.

LED light

Adjustable LED light integrated into the machine head.

Various Applications

The machine is available in 2 needles 4 threads or 2 needles 5 threads 3×4 or 5×5.