EFFECI V10-550



2-needle post bed machine for ornamental stitches with 1 or 2 needles. Direct drive motor, automatic presser foot lift, automatic bartack, possibility of quickly changing the stitch length with an electro-pneumatic button, triple knob for adjusting the two forward stitches and the reverse stitch. Large working space 351x297mm. Handwheel with electronic ring precise and rapid keys such as the threading function.


  • Ornamental stitches
  • 2 Needles
  • Post bed machine
  • Electronic handwheel with ring
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Automatic presser foot lift and bartack
  • Large XXL hooks
  • Suitable for leather
  • Double stitch adjustment
  • Double presser foot lift height adjustment
  • Direct drive motor
  • 10” touch screen
  • Threading function
  • Large working space


Ornamental Stitches

Thanks to the touch screen panel it is possible to quickly and easily select the type of 1 or 2 needle ornamental stitch.

For Heavy

The machine is suitable for heavy work such as leather and automotive thanks to the 32mm XXL crochet and the max stitch length of 12mm.


Alternating feet device for optimal feeding on leather and RAP HP device to set from the two knobs a double height of the foot to be activated with the electronic kneepad near thickenings of the material.