Sleeve attaching machine


Sleeve attachment machine post bed type and direct drive motor. Feeding with 2 independent lower and 2 upper belts, central foot with alternating movement, thread trimmer, bartack and presser foot lifter.
Dry head without lubrication. Equipped with a pedal to vary the speed scale with manual setting, touchscreen panel that allows you to program the different sections of the armhole.


  • Sleeve attaching
  • Post bed machine
  • Touch screen panel
  • Belt feeding
  • Dry head
  • Direct drive motor
  • Presser foot lifter bartack thread trimmer
  • Production of outerwear


Belt feeding

Independent left and right feeding that prevents material slippage. Mechanism for the movement of the feeding belt and an alternating up and down movement of the presser foot, which eliminates both creases in the armhole and irregular curls that can occur in the upper sector of the sleeve. With the introduction of belt feeding, the risk of stretching the fabric caused by feeding has been eliminated.

Touch Screen Panel

3 sewing modes: manual in which the curl is activated with the pedal, semi-automatic in which the curl is activated digitally with the electronic kneepad and programmed in which the curl takes over after the selected number of stitches.
Furthermore, it is possible to divide the armhole into sections with different curl and thread tension in relation to the looseness of the fabric and stitch length.


Outerwear – attach jacket sleeves