Double Cut

Double Cut



Double Cut is a rotary blade machine for opening “DOUBLE” fabrics.
The idea and the project started in 2013 thinking of a craft machine that is produced and manufactured entirely by us.
It is equipped with an electric motor and inverter to manage the speed and direction of rotation of the blade,
with two micrometrically adjustable and independent.
Thanks to the precision of the adjustment and the independent planes, this machine is able to open any fabric with thicknesses ranging from a maximum of 4mm to a minimum of 0.30mm.
It is also equipped with a guide for adjusting the cutting depth, and with a manual blade sharpener.

OPTIONAL: Digital display for controlling the movement of the lower floor.

Currently the machine is produced in the following versions:

DOUBLE CUT: standard version for use in production (with blade diameter 70)

DOUBLE CUT LARGE: the machine is like the standard version, but with a larger blade (diameter 80).
For greater depth of fabric opening.

NEW !!! DOUBLE CUT EXTRA: This model mounts a 120mm blade, a feature that makes it particularly suitable for very wide openings (up to 60mm). Standard equipped with digital display.

DOUBLE CUT EKO: The EKO version is a machine designed for small spaces, free-standing and without support and lateral surfaces.
The Double Cut EKO is a machine for artisan use and suitable for small productions.