Disengageable needles


Automatic pocket welting machine, two disengageable needles with 10mm needle guage, for sewing straight and inclined pocket. The two knives have the possibility of being electronically inclined from the touch panel. Automatic bar stacker, third hand to keep locked the material during the movement of the wagon, integrated suction device. Big Hooks with sensor for the end thread, sensor for right or left pocket flaps detection, electronically adjustable laser pointer from touch panel. Semi dry head with integrated motor. Three type of sewing: single, coupled, and cycle. Easy touch panel to set the postage or thickening at the start and end of the seam.


  • 2 disengageable needles 10mm
  • Electronic needle tilt
  • Suitable for straight and inclined pockets
  • Semi-dry head
  • Integrated motor
  • Automatic bar stack
  • Third hand for lock the material
  • Bar stacker
  • Third hand
  • Big hooks with end thread sensor
  • Pocket flaps detection sensor
  • Electronic adjustable laser pointer from touch panel
  • Possibility to memorize production cycles
  • Integrated suction device
  • Electronic bobbin winder
  • Touch Screen Panel